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Staying Fit!

September 2, 2009

Looking and feeling healthy is a goal many of us wish to achieve. There was a time when only athletes or a sports person would go to a gym. Now, with a growing clientele and an increase in awareness among people, demand for professionals like aerobics instructors, yoga instructors, and personal and corporate trainers has increased. From working professionals to housewives, top bosses to youngsters, the number of health conscious people has increased across ages and professions.

Nowadays, fitness has become a booming business, with more and more health centers coming up. There is also an assortment of fitness organizations for aerobics, kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates, spinning — to choose from. The affluent, especially film stars, are keen on setting up fitness centers at home, developing additional job opportunities for personal trainers.

A fitness trainer’s job includes training people in different aspects of physical fitness, helping them get into shape and stay fit. A physical trainer instructs an individual or a group of people about exercise routines such as weights, aerobics, or the various machines available in a gymnasium. But their job doesn’t stop there. A trainer should give their clients basic advice on health and nutrition, including posture, change in lifestyle, if required. He/she also should be involved in designing specific diet programs for people, taking into account their age, lifestyle, fitness levels, and health parameters.

As a gym instructor or a physical trainer, you can work with clients on a one-to-one basis, either at a gym or at a client’s home. The workout is specially tailored to suit the client’s specific health and fitness requirements. Some experts conduct group workout sessions that involve aerobics, stretching, and muscle conditioning exercises.

Fitness trainers have the flexibility to work in gyms, big hotels, health clubs, fitness centers, spas, tourist resorts, housing societies, and large companies as well. After gaining some experience, you can also opt to run your own center. As a physical trainer, you can specialize in any one particular kind of exercise routines such as weightlifting, aerobics, karate, kickboxing, spin cycling, yoga, pilates or tai chi, spinning, and be a specialist trainer.

In Delhi, Reebok India organizes a course twice a year under the Reebok Instructor Alliance program. Other institutes including The Growth for Fitness Instructors (GFFI) also offers various courses for fitness instructor.

Apart from the professional qualification, the significant traits required to be a fitness instructor are good communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and above all patience. A good body and fortitude to spend long hours working out is vital. You must also have a good knowledge of human anatomy, and be aware about basic effects of lifestyle, diet, nutrition and stress on the body. You need to be innovative enough to vary the exercise routine in order to avoid monotony.

So, if you love to sweat it out and are fitness conscious then this profession is surely for you!

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