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Making others feel ‘Spa’-cial

September 1, 2009

Knotted muscles relax, knitted eyebrows unfold, and a sigh of relief looms around when we enter a Spa. Imagine how it would be if you have to spend your life there!

These days, with the growing number of affordable spas, more and more people are of availing their services.  Similarly, everyone wants to look and feel their best. Thus, the market for spas has risen to a new level in recent years with a profound shift toward more holistic health and beauty. Beyond just a normal massage, more women and men are looking for a time-out, an escape and an opportunity to treat themselves. The spa and beauty industries have become an antidote to the fast-pace lifestyles of the information age. Especially in India, the boom of ayurvedic treatment has truly kindled the spa industry.

All this translates into incredible growth for spas. The spa industry is booming like never before, making today a great time to join the industry. So, if you are people-person and love to pamper others, then you should think of exploring this industry. The beauty of this business is that you can open a spa wherever you live. In fact, even if you live in a scenic small town, most likely your clientele would be city people who are tired of living with the smog and traffic. This could be a strong selling point for your business.

But it is not that easy to fulfill your passion of opening up a Spa, as it involves a lot of investment and also research. Unless you have enough money to create your dream Spa and hire enough experts, (from consultants to a great Spa Director to all the technicians you will need), you will probably have to be the Owner/Director or Owner/Technician. This requires you to make sure you set yourself up for growth and replacement of you in your technical capacity. You are planning to avoid feeling as many owners do; exhausted, disappointed, frustrated, and wondering why did you become a Spa owner at all. If you believe this is your passion and that you have what it takes to be one, then ensure your success and your sanity by taking the time to set up your foundation the right way. Would you build a house without planning, creating blueprints, agonizing over designs, fixtures and cost? Same with a Spa, you shouldn’t own one without studying, analyzing, planning, creating, setting it up as a ‘real business’ with policies and procedures, business plan, marketing plan, standard operational procedures, job descriptions, and retail campaigns, etc.

Before starting up a Spa, read some books, attend some lectures, be a part of some association related to Spa industry which can guide you on the same. This industry is different, has a different history and it is forever evolving. The more you know the better equipped you will be for success. However, knowing and doing are two different things; we need to learn and we need to execute the lessons learned; we need to recognize our strengths and our weaknesses; we need to use our talents fully and find expert help to compensate what we don’t know. Above all, we need to be passionate about our dream!

So, what are you waiting for? Do something ‘Spa’ – cial today!

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