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Retirement – The World’s Best Job

August 29, 2009

When your passion becomes your job, work becomes matter of the past. That’s when you know, you have THE WORLD’S BEST JOB! Yes, this is what we believe in and is the concept for our new website


We believe that retirement can be the most beautiful phase of our life, when we can do what we want to do with all our passion – be it dairy farming, opening a book store, being a magician, an astrologer… the list is endless. But it is very important to remember that every passion has a cost attached to it. In addition, there is the cost of maintaining your current lifestyle post-retirement.

We at ICICI Prudential will help you identify your passion and also calculate and plan your financials accordingly. In our retirement calculator section, you can essentially key in details like Current Age, Retirement Age, Current monthly expense, Current cost of passion, etc. and get to know the exact amount of investment that you have to do for fulfilling your passion after retirement.

On the website, the most interesting section is the Experience section, where you’ll find a number of passions that you can take up and details about those. Here we have listed careers like business consultancy, sports, creative talents, nature and environment, food, teaching and education, adventures, etc. Within these broad categories, you can find sub-categories of career options. For instance, within business and consultancy, you can find bookshop owner, restaurant owner, boutique owner, etc.

The other interesting section of the website is the Myth Buster, which is again an interesting section where we have tried to bust certain myths that we all carry with us. For instance, we may say “I am too young to plan for retirement.” The Fact, of course  is “It’s never too early to plan for your retirement. The sooner you start, the more you can earn post retirement.”  Likewise, you can also find other such myths listed here and corresponding facts.

So, now if you are planning to follow your passion after retirement (and you most probably are) you know where to look!!

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