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So you want to be a Yoga Instructor?

August 28, 2009

These days, even getting a few minutes of relaxation a day is a luxury. From small kids to adults to older people, everybody seems to be stressed out. Kids have huge syllabi to study, adults have their personal and professional responsibilities, and old people are stressed because of their health problems. So is there a remedy to all this? There is, and its not really new. Yoga!

In India, yoga has been practiced since ages, but unfortunately it got its popularity only when westerners eulogized it for its benefits. People all over the world are taking to yoga for keeping themselves healthy and fit. Be it Hollywood, bollywood actors or the common man, they are all drawn towards it. Hence, many people are taking up yoga as a career option in order to pass on their learning to others.

Yoga can be taken up as a full-time career as there is a lot of scope across the world for yoga. These days many people go to a studio or classes to practice yoga or have a trainer come over to their home to teach them. Even big companies, schools, hospitals, colleges etc. seek yoga trainers for their staff. Yoga instructors are in great demand and if one is committed to it, then it can be financially lucrative as well.

But there are certain skills that need to be developed to become a yoga instructor. You need to understand the philosophy of yoga. There are deep lying philosophies that go on to give it a holistic effect. You can get oneself trained under some experienced yoga instructor or can enroll into institutes providing this training, which will certify you as a qualified Yoga instructor.

Once you are through with the course and have this certificate to back you, the next step could be becoming a part of a premium yoga institute as a trainer/teacher. There are several schools that include yoga training within their curriculum. You can always apply for the post of a yoga teacher in one such school. These days there is also a high demand for effective yoga trainers with the various NGOs. You can opt for a full-time engagement with them or can get employed on a part-time basis, so that you are free to run your own yoga studio.

Empathy, sensitivity, and a caring nature are equally essential for being a yoga instructor. So what are you waiting for? If you have these skills, then you know what to take up! Being a yoga instructor, you will not only help others remain calm and peaceful but you’ll also feel tranquil every day of your life!

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  1. R.R. Nair permalink
    August 31, 2009 11:23 am

    Pl. let me know more details

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