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What it means to live your passion…

August 26, 2009

Live your Passion, they all say! But what exactly does it mean? And is it possible for everybody to actually live life in that manner?

What is meant, of course, is that if you are actually doing something you love, actually folllowing your passion, then work doesn’t seem like ‘work’ at all. It becomes fun, enjoyement, even play! Examples of this type abound, both in India and abroad. One of the popular examples is Chetan Bhagat, who left his (high paying!) job as an investment banker to follow his passion of becoming an author. A considerable shift from his comfort zone, one may say, but look what it has got him. You can’t forget John Abraham either. He was a media planner in a Media agency, before he decided to get into modelling full time. Imagine, if he hadn’t chosen to follow his passion, we would have had no Dhoom!

You may retort, that these are just the outliers, the ones who made it big. But of course, there are scores of other examples known to everyone of us, who followed their passion,  to live a full life. The uncle who left his job in a bank to open his own garage or the cousin who went back to his native place to take up farming. Yes, such decisions may be hard, and some times not immediately possible, but many who take them, swear by them.

One of the biggest concerns about taking a decision of this sort, is that of security. One cannot risk their security, niether that of their loved ones, and that is why careful planning is extremely important.

But then, the rewards of such a step can far, far outweigh the concerns. Take for example, freedom. When your work is exactly what you want to be doing, you are essentially, FREE. Another great reward is, the ability to do great work. Steve Jobs, in his famous commencement address to Stanford University students in 2005, says that the only way to do good work, is to do what you love. (The speech is great, so do read the whole thing). Freedom, and the ability to do great things! Works for me 🙂

Through this blog, we’d like to explore this concept of Living Your Passion. We welcome you to share with us your view and comments on the same!

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